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April 23 2022
Star Party at Hellhole Canyon Preserve
19324 Santee Ln, Valley Center, CA 92082

Credit: International Dark-sky Association

What is light pollution?

Light pollution is a serious issue since it interrupts human and wildlife sleep cycles, results in higher rates of cancer, and interferes with astronomers' scientific research efforts. Light pollution is especially an issue in Valley Center, due to the community’s close proximity to Palomar Observatory. Light pollution degrades astronomers' ability to observe the night sky, which is why excessive artificial light threatens the astrophysics research at Palomar Observatory. By working closely with the community, we hope to promote the use of good lighting in order to mitigate these issues.

Good lighting provides all of the light necessary to serve its purpose and provide security, while still being dark-sky friendly. It is a common misconception that more light results in more safety, however, this is not the case. Safe, dark-sky-friendly lights are shaded in order to increase efficiency and prevent light from going into the sky.

The Milky Way without light pollution

About VCDA

Valley Center Dark-Sky Advocates is a group that aims to reduce light pollution in and around the community of Valley Center. We hope to promote dark-sky awareness and appreciation of astronomy in our community and beyond.

We hope that you will join us in our mission to preserve natural darkness for the people and wildlife of Valley Center and prevent light pollution from interfering with astrophysics research at Palomar Observatory.

The the night sky free of light pollution

A recent VCDA stargazing and outreach event

How you can help

1. Help get involved by contacting us here or at

2. Become a member of the International Dark-Sky Association

3. Dark-sky certify your home

4. Share our cause by encouraging others to use dark-sky friendly lighting

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